On July 26, 2021, the Alliance Relations, Development and Field Governance department (ARDFG, formerly Field Advancement) at NAMI eagerly welcomed NAMI field leaders, volunteers and other staff and Boards who support them to a field-focused, dynamic, and interactive learning and networking event.

The event provided an opportunity to meet staff members of ARDFG and get to know the roles they play in supporting the field. Attendees had a chance to attend three exciting, topical sessions, which we selected based on survey feedback from the field. They also had a chance to network with members of ARDFG and with each other.

The post-presentation Q&A periods and the Networking Sessions offered wonderful feedback and conversation. We want to continue that open dialogue and encourage attendees to reach out to our teams with any additional comments and suggestions.

Thank you for all you do to strengthen the Alliance and advance NAMI’s mission.




Welcome, Opening Remarks, & Staff Introductions

Annette Gantt, National Director, Alliance Relations, Development and Field Governance (ARDFG), NAMI
Daniel H. Gillison, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, NAMI
Sherman Gillums, Jr., Chief Strategy & Operations Officer, NAMI

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Field Capacity Building: Defining Your Organization’s Value Proposition to Help Build Capacity

This session focused on providing NAMI organizations with the building blocks of a value proposition and how it can help build and strengthen organizational capacity. NAMI and field leaders shared tips and tools to help your organization define its value proposition.

Sheel Pandya, Director, Field Capacity Building, NAMI
Katrina Gay, Chief Development Officer, NAMI
Athena Trentin, Ed.D., Executive Director, NAMI North Texas

Value Proposition Worksheet

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Field Governance & Membership: The Organizational Benefits of Member Recruitment and Retention

The Field Governance & Membership (FGM) team shared information regarding member recruitment and retention practices. Our team has pulled together lessons and guidance focused on the importance of recruiting new members as well as strategies to retain new and existing members.

David Binet, Director, Field Governance & Membership, NAMI
Elizabeth Monrad, Senior Manager, Field Governance & Membership, NAMI
Tiara Hoff, Coordinator, Field Governance & Membership, NAMI

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Field Resource Development: How to Build and Engage Your Volunteer Planning Committee

During this session, the Field Resource Development team shared resources on developing and retaining your volunteer event planning committees. The team shared the importance of utilizing your volunteers and committees for a successful event.

Kelly Russo, Director, Field Resource Development, NAMI
Leandra Clovis, Senior Manager, Field Resource Development, NAMI
Darcey Mamone, Senior Manager, Field Resource Development, NAMI

NAMIWalks Your Way Committee Position Descriptions

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Concluding Remarks and Transition to Networking Sessions

Annette Gantt, National Director, ARDFG, NAMI

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Networking Expo Rooms


Networking Expo: Field Capacity Building Team

For more information contact fieldcapacity@nami.org.

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Networking Expo: Field Governance & Membership Team

For more information contact gov@nami.org for governance or memberservices@nami.org for membership.

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Networking Expo: Field Resource Development Team

Resource: NAMIWalks Your Way Committee Position Descriptions

For more information contact namiwalks@nami.org.

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Networking Expo: Sherman Gillums, Jr. and Annette Gantt

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Thank you to those who participated in Field Leadership Day!

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