We're so happy to have you join our growing movement to support teens and young adults in high school and college campuses. Here you will find resources for supporting NAMI on Campus (NOC) as NAMI State Organization (NSO) and a NAMI Affiliate (NA).


New to NAMI On Campus?

If you are new to NAMI On Campus (NOC), we suggest checking out our Getting Started section where you can find more information on how to begin to reach out to high schools and/or colleges to support them in establishing their club. Contact namioncampus@nami.org to stay updated on NOC news, upcoming webinars, resources, new opportunities and more. 

Promoting NAMI On Campus Club

We have developed promotional materials for you to reach out to high schools and colleges. Check out the Logo and Promotional Materials section for more information and materials.


Supporting NOC Clubs can take up a lot of time and capacity to keep running smoothly. We have put together some options to find local, state, and national funding to financially support the success of this initiative in your community. Read more in the Funding section. 

Bringing in New Members and Volunteers

NOC Club members are a great opportunity to grow your affiliate and capacity. Many NOC Club members are interested in gaining experience in the mental health field and can be a valuable asset to your organization. Read more about how you can involve NOC Club members at your organization in the Involving Students with Your Affiliate section. 

Videos and Other Resources

In the Video and Other Resources section, we have recorded a few videos to give an overview of different aspects of NOC and how to support your clubs. 

  NAMI On Campus Contact Form

Help Center

Visit our Help Center to learn about and share knowledge on a variety of topics, including NAMI 360, membership management, the NAMI Convention, Helpline FAQ, class reporting and more.