Supporting NOC can take a lot of time and dedication. Finding funding that supports efforts to engage with the youth and young spaces will be a great way to sustain NOC within your NSONA. There are many different places that you can look for grants and develop contracts with partners, so we’ve put together a list of different places you can start your search. 

County Offices and State Departments of Education


Many Offices of Education have goals and initiatives that require them to partner with organizations that align with what they want to provide to their students and families. To learn more about what they are working on, do some research on their website. Some offices clearly highlight their efforts to improve their mental wellness options on campus, others may require a little digging. If you can’t find something right away, look to their about page and see how you can align their mission with the mission and goals of NOC.

State Departments of Education usually have a grant and funding page that lists all opportunities they have available that organizations and schools can apply for. A great way to stay on top of opportunities is to have someone monitor the page frequently to jump on the applications your organization is eligible for as they become available.

NAMI Funding


NAMI will provide grants to affiliates and clubs as they become available. To ensure that you don’t miss out on opportunities, be sure to have a close eye on emails from NAMI. If there is money available to fund clubs directly, we will notify both NSO and Affiliate partners and their clubs through the NOC email,

Help Center

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