Being a good leader means more than having successful events. It also means making sure all voices are being heard and planning for your club leadership each year.

How to Be a Good Leader

  • Know your leadership style. Assess your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. This will allow you to succeed with the skills that you have and collaborate with others in their areas of strength
  • Be a role model. Members of your club will look up to you as a leader when you put your best foot forward, are fair, encourage active member involvement, & run effective meetings
  • Be passionate. Members will see your passion and will want to be a part of the action
  • Encourage creativity. Ask others for their ideas to make your club great. Keep things new & increase involvement in the activity of the members
  • Give recognition. Giving club members recognition will motivate them & allow them to feel appreciated

Succession Planning

At the close of each year, it is important to have all leadership positions filled to start the next year on the right foot and train new leaders as necessary. Download the NOC Leadership Succession Guide to begin making your plans. It's best to start thinking about this planning earlier in the second semester to give time to prepare the new leadership team. ​

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