Are you or anyone else from your club interested in getting even more involved with supporting NAMI? Talk with your local NAMI Affiliate about the potential for volunteer opportunities! There are so many different ways to support NAMI. You can support occasional events, support administrative work, and if your 18+ years old you're eligible to train to be a program leader. NAMI values all lived experiences with mental health and highlights that through the many educational and supportive programs. If interested in becoming a program leader, most programs will require you to first become a NAMI member under your local NAMI Affiliate. If you are not already a member you can click here (link) to see the membership options.

Do you have more time that you want to dedicate to serving your community? Consider talking with your affiliate to see what other programs you would like to get involved in. To see more NAMI Programs, click here.

Help Center

Visit our Help Center to learn about and share knowledge on a variety of topics, including NAMI 360, membership management, the NAMI Convention, Helpline FAQ, class reporting and more.